Product Test

  • The company has strict quality inspection procedures and inspection equipment

    Company has strict quality inspection procedures and inspection equipment, bicycle riders, front fork two group respectively establishing product testing laboratory, the room is the only one in the mainland for Taiwan bicycle and health science and technology industry research and development center of consortium corporation (bike the most authoritative in the field of research and development institutions in Asia) approved laboratories.

  • The tyre clearance test

    According to ISO4210-6 5.1 test method to fix the configuration of the wheels and tires to the front fork, the fork on the fork crown and parallel to the direction of the riser to tire 2800 n force, maintain the power works for 1 minute.
  • Front fork static bending test

    4210-6-5.3 install the front fork in said neck of pipe fittings, make clip in standard before end bearing and mount load device, make its legs axle shaft rotation of the grooves. According to the load connection device set displacement measuring instrument, as a measuring displacement and front fork perpendicular to the pipe axis and the permanent deformation of wheel plane. Will be static and advance the load of 100 n applied perpendicular to the pipe axis of the roller, make its relative to the direction of travel and the plane of the wheel. Remove the forces and repeated load, until the tilt of the common reading, dispatch displacement device is 0. Will increase to 1500 n / 1000 n static and continue to maintain the force for 1 minute, then in force fell to 100 n and record related to permanent deformation.
  • Good bike

    Excellent bicycle is not only a major international team's first choice, and it is the ultimate goal of amateurs continuously pursued, seemingly simple structure of the bicycle, the frame, wheel, suite and so on the various components of independent and comprehensive performance will affect the final performance of a vehicle, so how to judge the stand or fall of a bicycle has become a problem we need to be addressed.
  • Test certification

    For higher performance requirements of readers, you can refer to some testing certification of international authoritative testing agencies. However, to achieve "authority" must begin with a neutral third party authorities test the premise. The internationally recognized more authority in German TOUR magazines for multiple testing. For the pursuit of absolute Performance manufacturers (e.g., recognized the "hard" road car brand STORCK) they would only agree with Germany EFBE laboratory test results, and agree that only the most strict level of Top Performance test. Because EFBE used testing laboratory equipment is the most accurate and reliable, and the agency is completely neutral absolutely, without any advertising composition, and all to send test frame is detailed strength/rigidity test reports, so the test fee is all internationally recognized as the most expensive in the test.