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HL CORP(SHENZHEN) which was founded in OCT1991 is a foreign investment CO., LTD, and approved by the commercial ministry of

the People's Republic of China on December 15 , 2003, HL CORP specializes in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of bicycle parts (like handlebar, stem ,seat pillar and suspension forks etc)and sports fitness& rehabilitation equipment, the company always insists on its business philosophy of” integrity , innovation, quality, practice, implementation, win-win” since it was established,its core business is kept steadily grow through product innovation and production in scale.

The company create famous brand ZOOM in the world with good quality, punctual delivery, reasonable price, outstanding goodwill, enjoying good reputation in the industry.

HL CORP branches out its scope from bicycle parts to the whole sports fitness equipment market. products are exported far to Europe ,USA, mainland CHINA,ASIA, its R&D, manufacturing and sales are in the leading positions in the industry. bicycle handlebar 、stem 、seat pillar and suspension forks etc ranked top 1 in the global market share,sports fitness and rehabilitation equipment has a big market share and turnover with gradual growth year-on-year, which is welcomed by some well-known manufacturers in Europe and USA thanks to its wide variety and perfect function.
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  • Quality Engineer (QA)

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