Enterprise Certification

The company in 1995 through the ISO9001 authentication, and also was smooth in 2002 has completed ISO9001: 2000 edition corrections trade the card work. The company has the strict product quality test routine and the checker, the handle bar, the Suspension Forks two division establishes the product to examine the laboratory separately, this room is the land area only obtains the laboratory which the Taiwan financial group legal person bicycle and the healthy technical industry research development center (Asian area bicycle domain authoritative research and development organization) approves, can provide satisfies international standard like national, the international standard and so on European Union EN, German DIN, German DIN, English BS, French NF, Australian AS, American CPSC, Japanese JIS, Chinese GB, ISO bicycle spare parts examination service. In addition transports the product which the material, the recovery services department produce authentication through quality authentication organization and so on the TUV, SGS, ICTI, guarantees the product quality the margin of safety