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2019 the twenty-ninth China International bicycle Shanghai Exhibition

Introduction to the exhibition

Founded in 1985, the China Bicycle Association is a national organization of the Chinese bicycle industry, a non-profit social organization and a corporate body. It is a voluntary association composed of bicycle, electric bicycle and its parts manufacturers, as well as related production, commercial enterprises, scientific research, teaching organizations and local associations. There are nearly 500 members of the association, with annual output and export volume accounting for 80% of the total industry. The purpose of the association is to gather the industry's strength, run the industry, serve the industry and promote the development of the industry. Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition company undertaking China International Bicycle Fair and has gone through it together with the bicycle industry. Due to the profound professional background and the company's meticulous operation, the China International Bicycle Exhibition, hosted by Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd., has become one of the most influential professional bike exhibitions in the world. The company insists on using specialty bicycles. The strength of the industry to create first-class exhibition, continuous enthusiasm for service and the quality of service as always, created a high-quality professional exhibition team in the industry.

Under the leadership of the China Bicycle Association and with the support of exhibitors, Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. will continue to pioneer, innovate, forge ahead, and make unremitting efforts to promote the development of China's two-wheeler industry.


Bicycle exhibition area: mountain bike, recreational vehicle, sports car, baby carriage, racing car, folding car, scooter, etc.

Electric Vehicle Exhibition Area: Electric Bicycles, Unicycles, Balanced Vehicles, Solar Electric Vehicles, Electric Motorcycles, Motorcycles, Electric Tricycles, Battery Cars, Tourist Cars, Electric Motorcycles, etc.

Parts Exhibition Area: Battery, Power Lithium Battery, Charger, Motor, Controller, Instrument, Frame, Wheel Belt, Lock, Spoke, Fork, Saddle, etc.

Matching exhibition area: outdoor riding equipment, helmet, sports and leisure clothing, sports shoes, bags, glasses, tools and related publications, testing, equipment data technology, etc.

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Relevant information

Shanghai Bicycle Exhibition CHINA CYCLE is held by Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is held once a year. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Chinese market. The last Shanghai Bicycle Exhibition CHINA CYCLE attracted 2000 participating enterprises, with the number of businessmen reaching 200 000. The exhibition was held in Shanghai. The exhibition center National Exhibition and Convention Center is held, with an exhibition area of 250000 square meters.