Release date:2018/9/5 10:51:03

The feeling of Shenzhen HL Corp humanistic concern

Every woman will go through the process of conceiving in October in her life. As a working and pregnant woman in Xinlong, I often receive the care of people around me in my daily life. It makes me feel the kindness everywhere. My heart is always warm, especially the company's care for pregnant women.

Under the impetus of the management department, Xinlong has added a lot of benefits to pregnant women. 2018 < month, the company set up a separate pregnant women's dining area, which has a beautiful environment, fresh air, some pregnant women's notes, cautions and so on. It's your own style of cooking. 2018 year June month began at lunchtime every day to give each pregnant woman a bottle of pure milk. All these fully reflect the company's humanistic care! I can't thank you enough for being so cared for in the company!

Our country has a deep cultural tradition of thanksgiving, from "the grace of dripping water, the spring repays each other", to "the neighbourhood knots grass, thanks for grace", which has deeply nourished generations of Chinese children. The company is our happy home, while each of us is dedicating youth and wisdom for the company, the company. On this platform, we are increasing our experience, enriching ourselves, and realizing the value of life; on this platform, we ignite our ideals with passion, and control our lives with pay. Therefore, we should thank the company for cultivating us and feeling. Thank you for the company to let us grow, thank you for the company to give us a show of their own world, thank the company for every inch of our care! With gratitude into loyalty to the company's specific actions, with the mentality of waiting for our home to survive the company.

For us, Thanksgiving first means working with the company. If the company is a boat, our hands are a piece of pulp. Only when we stretch out our hands together and let tens of millions of slurries work together, can our boat chop the waves and move forward bravely!