Release date:2018/3/20 14:15:21

Taipei International Cycle Show

2018/10/31 - 2018/11/03

Specialized exhibition of international professional exhibitions of bicycles and related parts
Taiwan bicycle TAIPEI CYCLE is not only the largest Asian bike show, but also become one of the world's top three professional bicycle exhibition during the spring will be exhibited at the Taipei World Trade Center, is an important sourcing platform for world buyers will visit each year.
Strong attraction: the Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition sponsored by the foreign trade association and the synchronized Taipei international sporting goods exhibition. At the exhibition, besides showing all kinds of bicycles, there are also global bicycle design competitions, and outdoor trial riding activities.
A high degree of Internationalization: the exhibition attracted from all over the world exhibitors and visitors, the exhibition is divided into Taiwan boutique Museum, electric vehicle, image galleries, exhibition area of France in Europe. The last exhibition a total of 1104 companies from 36 countries of the manufacturers, with a total of 3307 exhibition booths, not only the scale is the most ever, and continued to maintain Asia's largest professional exhibition of the dominant position of bicycle.
High innovation: TaipeiCycle represents the latest industry trend. All the related new products and new concepts are displayed here. The exhibits are highly professional and full range, with bicycles, bicycle parts, bicycle accessories and electric cars on display.
market analysis
Taiwan bicycle industry reducing environment effect of carbon in global energy, not only the number of vehicle exports reached 5 million 70 thousand units, the export amount of $1 billion 500 million, is also part of $660 million, the overall growth compared to 2009 grew by 22.66%, the performance is quite brisk. While in the United States and the European credit crisis and global economic chaos in the atmosphere also, Taiwan bicycle industry growth trend, vehicle exports amount to 4 million 380 thousand units, though fell 13.60%, but the value of exports reached $1 billion 660 million, up 10.66%; the main parts of the amount of exports amounted to $782 million. The vehicle export average unit price increased to $379.95, increased by 28.36%, Taiwan bicycle manufacturers to design and work the main innovation of middle and senior car route strategy, even in the conservative era of consumption, can still break the siege, and gradually.
According to the Taiwan General Administration of customs statistics, 1-5 months, Taiwan and Chinese, import and export trade in goods amounted to $49 billion 450 million, an increase of 17.9%. Among them, Taiwan exports to China $30 billion 100 million, growth of 22.1%, accounting for 26.7% of Taiwan's exports, increased by 2 percentage points; Taiwan imports from the mainland accounted for $19 billion 350 million, an increase of 11.8%, imports of Taiwan 18.4%, a decline of 1.3 percentage points. China, Taiwan and the trade surplus of US $10 billion 750 million, an increase of 46.5%. As of May, as Taiwan's largest trading partner and largest export destination and largest source of imports, Chinese. At the end of March 2017, the mainland has approved 99506 Taiwan funded projects, the actual use of Taiwan $65 billion 240 million. According to the actual the use of foreign investment statistics, Taiwan accounted for, cumulative actual absorption of foreign investment in 3.6% of the total.
Past review
Exhibition area: 58000 square meters
Number of exhibitors: 1115 exhibitors
Audience number: 44718 spectators
1, environmental bicycles, mountain cross-country bicycles, road racing bicycles, household bicycles;
2, scooters, trailers, side car, scooter, sports car, baby stroller, car BMX, car;
3, electric bicycle, electric tricycle, electric scooter;
4, all kinds of bicycle parts and bicycle travel, sports matching clothing, bags, tools and other products;
5, related accessories (helmet, lock, etc.), sports clothing, safety warning products and so on.