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The largest bicycle exhibition area exhibition in America, is the United States
The United States Bicycle Exhibition (INTERBIKE) held since 1982, has become one of the famous international bicycle exhibition, America is the largest bicycle professional exhibition, but also the United States in 18 years. The exhibition venue moved from Las Vegas to Reno, Reno has a beautiful scenery and comfortable accommodation environment and more appropriate the exhibition at the same time, the terrain. The scenic Lake Tahoe and Reno from very close, we can show in the spare time to ride. Reno Exhibition Center has advanced facilities, provide the necessary hardware conditions for the event.
The attraction is strong: the scale of the last exhibition is more than 328000 square feet and more than 1400 exhibitors. The number of exhibitors is more than 2, including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, etc.
Bicycle Festival & outdoor test ride: the organizers decided in Northstar (California's largest bicycle theme park) held a bike. The bike festival in September will show before the start of the whole bicycle festival will continue until 2 o'clock in the morning. Participate in cycling Festival friends can ride in the park, enjoy the music and drink beer etc..
A high degree of Internationalization: Interbike exhibition of international influence, professional and strong, the best place to release new products for the global bicycle industry well-known manufacturer. In North America, North America, and South America is the trade volume of China's bicycle export enterprises every year the largest area, which makes the Interbike become one of the domestic enterprises must participate in the annual exhibition exhibition of.
Professional degree is high: Interbike represents the latest trend in the industry. This shows all related new products and new concepts. The previous Chinese mainland exhibitors including vehicle, mountain bike, electric cars, car parts, bicycle accessories, clothing, helmets, electronics, electric vehicle batteries, light car, fitness equipment manufacturers. The vast majority of exhibitors will continue to exhibitors, exhibition professional, professional audience of high degree.
market analysis
In only more than 200 million people in the United States, riding a bike is only one of the outside running and swimming the most popular leisure projects. The number of existing bicycles 96 million, there are about 4000000 people riding a bicycle to work every day, and the trend was increasing year by year, especially the number of female cycling is even more significant rise. According to the American market the message from the future development trend of bicycle to sports and leisure as the main orientation, the development trend is as follows: mountainbikes will become the market mainstream; advanced data will increasingly be used in high-grade bicycles; leisure travel car is likely to replace mountainbikes become the market mainstream products leisure travel; the car is likely to replace mountainbikes become the market mainstream products; parts and accessories market potential.
There were nearly 5000 professional bicycle retailer, which mainly sells high-end bicycle products, they are passed on to the consumer services such as bicycle professional equipment assembly and maintenance to enhance the value of the bicycle. North American bicycle, electric vehicle demand pick up, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of statistics show that exports to the United States by bike production rebounded significantly. The influence of the economic crisis is light in Mexico for motorcycle demand growth. The bike has a very large market in the United States, is a good opportunity to China enterprises not to be missed.
Last review
Exhibition area: 328000 square feet
The number of exhibitors: more than 750 exhibitors, more than 1400 exhibitors
The number of spectators: more than 20000 people
1, all kinds of bicycles: mountain bike, ordinary car, BMX car, racing car, tricycle, baby car, scooter, E-Bike.
3, outdoor sports equipment, equipment, clothing, knapsack;
4, sports nutrition, safety warning products and so on.