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Eurobike 2017

Exhibition Introduction

In Europe'S three largest auto show, it has the most popular, the most influential Market Exhibition
Frederikshavn International Bicycle Exhibition in Europe is the world's largest best bicycle exhibition, at present in the data ranks first in the world.

Attractive:All the important decisions from germany. Eurobike's leadership is that it brings together buyers from all over the world, covering everything from manufacturers to distributors to retailers.

High degree of internationalization:The exhibition attracted 1379 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and 66600 spectators; also in the exhibition on public display, but also to attract about twenty thousand cyclists attending visit, and on-site bicycle manufacturers and traders and positive interaction, greatly promoted the self driving movement development in the world, also showing a strong the status of Eurobike in the industry.

High degree of professionalism:Eurobike represents the latest industry trends. Here are bicycle related new products and concepts, including off-road vehicles, baby carriages, electric cars, and related accessories. At the same time, it has attracted professional spectators and cyclists from all over the world and has a high degree of professionalism.ities! For more details, please pay attention to the designated exhibition platform of International Trade Bureau - International Exhibition, 

Market Analysis

Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world. The total economic output is second only to that of the United States and Japan, ranking third in the world. Germany now has 66 million bicycles, which means that the market is saturated, of which 3/4 of the car has been aging. The new car has to be attractive so that consumers are willing to change trains. At present, nearly half of the bicycle through professional stores and professional market sales, by 42% department stores and building materials supermarket, supermarket, supermarket, coffee sales market and ADAC auto club sales, 4% to 2% by mail, online sales. The German market bicycle mainly has baby carrier, teenager car, mountain climbing cross-country vehicle, city car, all terrain vehicle, mountain bike, racing car, travel vehicle, mountain Look car and other kinds.
Mountaineering off-road vehicle and the city car sales accounted for 28% market share and 27%; for all terrain vehicles and mountain bike respectively 15% and 9%; children and adolescents accounted for 7% of total car car; car accounted for 7%; for Look mountain car, car and other travel car respectively 4%, 2% and 1%. According to the EU statistics bureau, in 2015 1-10 months, Germany and China bilateral import and export volume of 131 billion 280 million U. S. dollars. China is Germany's fifth largest export market and the third largest source of imports. China's bicycle output, export volume, export amount and average export price have maintained steady growth. China has tens of millions of bicycles exported every year. China's bicycle industry has a certain advantage in the European market.

Last Review

Exhibition area:103151 square meters
Number of exhibitors:1379 exhibitors
Audience size:66600 people


1、City bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes;
2、Baby carriers, BMX, racing bike;
3、Electric bicycle、Electric tricycle;
4、Electric scooter、All kinds of bicycle components and riding tours;
5、Sports outfit;
6、Luggage bags、Tools and other products;
7、Related accessories (helmets, locks, etc.), sportswear, safety warning products, etc.。