Release date:2015/10/29 17:31:53

DRIFT fork

     High order fork DRIFT development, in the sense that the origin of Nobutaka fork products currently limited to the entry level, in the bicycle industry highly competitive environment, need to constantly develop new products to meet the customers and develop new customers and fields, and by introducing the new high order products to enhance the long letter process inside. Through the test of continuous research and development, and finally in this year (2015) of the European and world exhibition debut, marked a long letter across the high order fork threshold, but also the letter milepost lung company.

        The appearance of the front fork design reference to the design concept of the automobile industry, mainly refer to the design idea of foreign high-end, famous sports car in front of the intake dam, full of tension of the muscles, the fork can make people at the first sight of one of the bright in appearance, the design of the front fork manufacturers put aside the monotonous, also marked the future DRIFT fork family appearance.

The standpipe and the front fork pipe are made of high strength Aluminum Alloy 7050 material, in addition to thinning and reduce the thickness and weight, but also to ensure the rigidity and safety fork. The foot made of magnesium alloy material, the characteristics of the light weight and high strength of the front fork. In addition, according to the front fork of the smooth degree is improved, the use of special oil seals, self-lubricating bearing and oil seal pressure, make the front fork than other high order product is more smooth.

In the adjustment function, in addition to the high-pressure gas after fork spring instead of heavy, the damping (damping) adjustment function is divided into three kinds: rebound damping force (rebound) 24 (compression), adjustable compression damping force of 24 adjustable, climbing model (climb  mode). The rider can according to different road conditions for the adjustment of riding, springback and compression damping force. In the face of climbing conditions, can be opened quickly climbing mode, so that the rider to transfer pedaling energy to the wheels, but also keep a little shock absorption, so that the rider not to feel too much from the ground shaking, increase operation comfort, also maintained a front wheel affixed to the. In order to meet the functional requirements, the machining accuracy for internal parts is quite stringent requirements the number of parts is up to more than and 80.