Release date:2015/5/19 17:48:47

AERO DD(TDS-D699) won"2015 Taipei bicycle Innovation Design Award"

Company Longhua plant R & D team design of the bicycle riser AERO DD (TDS-D699) won the "2015 Taipei bicycle Innovation Design Award" category design award!


In January 20, 2015 the company received the "2015 Taipei bicycle innovative design award" prize winning notice ", sponsored by the" Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition "letter notice and congratulate the company: AERO development of the DD design team company Longhua factory (TDS-D699) bicycle vertical tube (2 Components + Parts ID:302-170432)," 2015 Taipei bicycle innovative design award "the jury has made the runoff, the product won the" 2015 Taipei bicycle Innovation Design Award "parts design award! The event is the Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition and the German "IF International Forum Design cooperation", selected by the organization to participate in the evaluation of competing products, was impressed with the expert design company's award-winning products to the jury and the designer of the famous bicycle industry!
From 15 countries and 209 registered products participated in the "2015 Taipei bicycle innovative design award" competition assessment, which has 57 award-winning products, 5 products won the gold medal, 1 products have added this year's Award for "young enterprise award". The company's product design has received this award, will enjoy the following awards:
1 winning logo
As an award winning product, the right to download "my if" website to mark the 2015 winners of the Taipei innovation design award;
2 awards ceremony
Awards ceremony will be held during the Taipei Auto Show (March 17, 2015 -18).
2015 "Taipei bicycle Innovation Design Award" exhibition 3
The winning entries will be on display at the TWTC Nangang exhibition hall from March 18, 2015 to 21, IF will be responsible for the planning and layout of the exhibition.
4 online exhibition
The IF site is one of the most popular online exhibition platforms with 35000000 page views per year
More than 100 countries visitors to find the relevant information of the game, all winners will be presented with pictures of works began to describe the way from the Anglo German text in March 18th, all winners will also be exhibited at the TAIPEI CYCLE website and TBA website online.
5 published in the "Taipei 2015 exhibition of innovative design award special commemorative album"
This album will be printed 2000 copies, providing Taipei international auto show visitors and buyers as a reference.
6.2015 Taipei bicycle innovative design award winning products at the INTERBIKE show
The company's award-winning products will be on September 16, 2015 to 18 at the INTERBIKE auto show in Las Vegas.