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The most popular and market - affected exhibition at the three largest auto show in Europe
The German auto show EUROBIKE is the largest and best bicycle exhibition in the world, and is now the world's largest number in the world.
Attractive: German all important decision makers come together. Eurobike's leadership is that it has gathered buyers from around the world, covering from manufacturer to agents, to all sales for retailers.
A high degree of internationalization, the exhibition attracted 1379 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and 66600 spectators; also in the exhibition on public display, but also to attract about twenty thousand cyclists attending visit, and on-site bicycle manufacturers and traders and positive interaction, greatly promoting the cycling development in the world, Eurobike also shows strong position in the industry.
High professional level: Eurobike represents the latest trend in the industry. This shows the bicycle related new products and new concepts, exhibits include baby stroller, electric cars, off-road vehicles, and related ancillary products. At the same time, the exhibition attracted from all over the world professional audience and cyclist, show a high degree of professionalism.
market analysis
Germany is one of the most economically developed countries in the world economy, after the United States, Japan, ranking third in the world. Germany currently has 66 million bicycles, which means that the market has been saturated, the 3/4 car has been aging. New car should be attractive to consumers willing to change. At present, nearly half of the bicycle through professional and professional shop market sales, by 42% department stores and building materials supermarket, supermarket, supermarket, coffee sales market and ADAC auto club sales, to sell 4%, 2% through online sales. The German market since the main driving car, baby stroller, youth climbing off-road vehicles, urban vehicles, all terrain vehicles, mountain bike, car, travel car Look, car and other mountain etc..
Mountaineering off-road vehicles and urban car sales accounted for 28% market share and 27%; for all terrain vehicles and mountain bike respectively 15% and 9%; children and adolescents accounted for 7% of total car car; car accounted for 7%; for Look mountain car, car and other travel car respectively 4%, 2% and 1%. According to the European Bureau of statistics, 2017 1-5, Germany and Chinese bilateral import and export of goods amounted to 69 billion 260 million US dollars, an increase of 6.9%. By the end of May, China is Germany's fourth largest export destination and the second largest source of imports. China's bicycle production, export volume and export amount and average export prices continued steady growth there. All the bicycles exported Chinese tens of millions each year, China bicycle industry in the European market, occupy a certain advantage.
Past review
Exhibition area: 103151 square meters
Number of exhibitors: 1379 exhibitors
Number of spectators: 66600 people
1, cross-country car, mountain car, sports car;
2, children's cars, BMX cars, racing cars;
3. Electric bicycles and electric tricycles.
4, electric scooter, all kinds of bicycle parts and riding travel;
5, sports matching clothing;
6, bags, tools and other series of products;
7, related accessories (helmet, lock, etc.), sports clothing, safety warning products and so on.